Natural values


Flora Flora at Fruska gora mountain is very diverse and specific. There are about 1500 flora species growing on the protected zone of national park. This amount of different flora species is characteristic for higher mountains of Serbia than Fruska gora. Fifteen… Read more


Fungi, as a one of three kingdoms, beside flora and fauna, is any of a group of unicellular, multicellular, or multinucleate non-photosynthetic organisms feeding on organic matter, which include moulds, yeast, mushrooms, and toadstools. On Fruska Gora mountain, fungi… Read more


Fauna of the Fruska gora is rich in species, but the populations of certain mammals and birds are considerably reduced. There are still quite large numbers of does, boars and other game species, while deer are bred in the hunting reserves in the National Park. The Fruska… Read more

Hidrology & Climate

The hydro-geological features of the Fruska gora are directly conditioned by the complexity of its geological structure, the spatial distribution of the individual types of rock masses, and their interrelations, porosity of the rock masses and the rainfall that feeds the… Read more

Geography & Geology

Fruska gora is located between 45° 0’ and 45° 15’ of latitude, and 16° 37’ and 18° 01’ of longitude, in the direction of parallel between rivers Danube and Sava. This mountain chain is about 80 km long; the widest part of the chain… Read more